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You want to know the entertaining thing? I don’t lament any of it. I conveyed my “casualties” for quite a long time; they knew what they were getting into. Furthermore, presently here I am, and there they are, and Wall Street poop chutes pullin’ similar scores are blessing TV. Fuck. That.

Justin is a fundamental person who previously showed up as the determinant deuteragonist in Vince’s Story in Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: 400 Days.






Area Unknown-

Prior to the episode, Justin was a fraudulent business model business visionary who made around $100,000,000 prior to being gotten. At the point when he was put being investigated, he “sobbed hysterically,” and lied that he didn’t have the foggiest idea what he was doing. Be that as it may, he was seen as liable, and as the flare-up started he was being moved to a jail with four different detainees. He conceivably has a sibling, as he makes reference to that when Vince continues to point his weapon at him.



Around when the flare-up started, Vince, Justin, and Danny are being shipped to jail on a jail transport. Sooner or later they stall out in rush hour gridlock, so the three began to discuss their wrongdoings. Soon after, Marcus Crabtree begins stifling Jerry with his cuffs because of the pair having a contention that gained out of influence. Justin needs Clyde, the gatekeeper in the transport, to deal with it, while Danny needs to help him himself. Since they are binded and can’t do anything, Danny yells at the watchman and advised him to stop them.


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The watchman advises them to stop a few times, yet Crabtree will not stop. The watchman doesn’t intercede adequately quick, so Jerry is gagged to death. At long last, the gatekeeper shoots Crabtree in the head, killing him. The driver doesn’t call a rescue vehicle to help the detainee, so Clyde, the gatekeeper on the detainee’s side of the door, gets into a warmed contention with Justin, Vince, and Danny regarding what he ought to do. Jerry vivifies and nibbles Clyde in the neck. The jail transport driver out of nowhere escapes the transport, leaving the three excess detainees for dead. The zombified detainee can’t get to the threesome in view of the restriction anchoring his foot to the floor. The dead gatekeeper has a shotgun under his body, so Justin, Vince and Danny cooperate to flip his body over, with Vince being the one to take the weapon. Vince then, at that point, shoots the vivified detainee in the head.


In-Game Decision-

Shoot Justin’s Ankle Off (Undead): If Vince shoots off Justin’s foot, he will get abandoned and be kicked the bucket from blood misfortune. It very well may be controlled by the picture in the credits that Justin scarcely got jail truck before a few walkers began to acquire on him. In Russell’s Story, contingent upon what discourse is picked in-game while addressing Nate, walkers show from the woodland and a zombified Justin can be seen slithering towards the truck.


Shoot Danny’s Ankle Off (Unknown): In a determinant epilog discourse that happens if Vince shot off Danny’s foot on his story, Vince will make reference to Justin dumped him to search for a place of refuge like Tavia’s settlement all alone.

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